Feel Good. Sound Good.

Put the soul back into your recordings


Have you ever tried recording in an unfamiliar setting, maybe even under a strict time limit?

How did you feel?

How did it sound?

I believe that the best performance is captured when you, the artist, are somewhere where you’re comfortable,
where you can lean back and relax in a setting that’s less formal and more personal, where you have a chance to try out different ideas without having to keep one eye glued to the clock to make
sure you have time for one more, hopefully perfect, take.

In essence, a place and time when you feel good.

And that’s what Ghz Studio is all about, finding the best place and time to record that perfect take with all the feeling and authenticity intact.

I believe the key to achieving this is flexibility.
With a wholly transportable studio setup, we can record anywhere you feel comfortable; at home, in the rehearsal space, in a house in the forest; wherever your perform the best, all with studio quality sound and professional equipment, and with the option to record a whole band simultaneously or each musician individually, the possibilities are endless!

About Me

Terje Malo Kværna

Creator / Artist / Audio Engineer


My name is Terje Malo Kværna, and was born and raised in Oslo, Norway, where I studied music and composition.

I later studied audio engineering in London, before finally moving to Barcelona in 2014.

I play various instruments, with guitar, piano and saxophone being my favourites. I’m eager to work on any type of project, whatever your style might be

How can I help?

"I have a finished track that I want to record"

"I have an idea I want to develope"

"I want a soundtrack for my project"

"I have another request"